Australia CityTrekking 2015

 I like that hanging around city where I stay. normally I take some pictures with my camera or draw anything while I’m hanging around there. when I hanging around I can get something like interested, funny or something what I’ve never met before. Also I feel some relaxing and feeling with satisfaction. I recommend that people who is traveling now. I hope you try do this!

Sydney, Melbourne

06/09/15 – 06/10/15


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  1. Victoria 댓글:

    I love your art, it’s amazing and I like to show all my friends whenever I can! And you’re writing sentences in English?! You improved so much!

    Liked by 1명

    1. skinheduck 댓글:

      Thank you Victoria for appreciate and helping:) I’m happy to hear you show your friends my works! And I wrote sentences by myself! But still it’s a mess… Im missing that times when I’m learning english from you in Korea;)


      1. Victoria 댓글:

        Are you going back soon? How long will you stay in Australia?


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